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3 Maintenance Checks to Keep Your Candela Reliable Post Lockdown

November 4, 2021

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With lockdowns lifting and clients more eager than ever to book in for their laser treatments, you don’t have time for device issues. Here are 3 simple steps to keep your Candela laser healthy and reliable during this busy time:


  1. Cleaning the Room

A little-known fact about laser machines is that the cleanliness of your treatment room can actually have a substantial impact on the health of your device. Dust, dirt, and hair debris can easily collect in the room and as laser devices have air vents which suck in air from their surroundings, these pollutants can make their way into your machine.


Therefore, it is so important that we keep every nook and cranny of the treatment room as clean as possible. We suggest getting out the vacuum, mop and bucket and giving your laser room a top to toe clean at the end of each day. Don’t forget to clean underneath the laser by moving it over. This will ensure nothing unwanted gets into your laser device and causes preventable damage.


We also suggest avoiding the use of any candles, diffusers, wax warmers, or tanning products in the treatment room as these are further pollutants which could be harmful to the laser. It is also important to note that your laser room should be fitted with a temperature-controlled air conditioning unit which is set to approximately 18oC. This is the optimal working temperature for the laser device.


  1. Changing your Windows

Keeping your Candela handpiece and fibre maintained and cared for is going to be more important than ever when you have rooms booked up with back-to-back clients. Simple daily maintenance can be done on your handpiece to prevent the need for a service technician visit and device downtime.


One of the most important components to regulate in your handpiece are the windows (or lenses). These windows need to be checked on a daily basis and changed as required. You will know your window is no longer usable and could pose complications to the health of your laser, when you start to see dirt and debris building up on them. At first sight of a dirty window, it is advised that you replace it with a new one. This will ensure that the health of your handpiece and fibre is not placed in jeopardy and that further compilations do not occur within the laser machine.


Another important tip to safeguard your handpiece and fibre is to make sure it is not positioned in a venerable location. Try not to have your fibre sticking out too close to the treatment bed where a client could accidentally bump it when getting off the bed. Also positioning it away from high traffic areas such as next the treatment room exit door can also prevent clients from brushing past it on their way out of the room. Accidents do obviously happen, but these simple measures could save you the time and money of replacing preventable items.


  1. Filling the Water Tank

The last handy tip to keep your laser reliable during this busy period is to keep on top of your morning checks. At the start of each day, it is so important that you do a run through of the treatment room and laser machine to make sure everything is ready to go. In this run through it is so important to check that the laser water levels are adequate. Even more importantly, it is crucial that the device is filled up with Distilled water. This is the only type of liquid which should be poured into the water tank. Other options such as Demineralised or Tap water are not safe for the wellbeing of the laser device and can cause internal device issues.


These simple tips will ensure you get the most out of your device and save yourself the time and money associated with preventable device complications. Establishing a routine checklist for the morning, during the day and in the evening is a reliable way to keep on top of your device maintenance. If you have any service based enquiries feel free to reach out to our team today.

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