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5 Marketing Ideas for Re-opening

April 30, 2020

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When we re-open, the entire industry will start yelling and screaming. Specials and limited-time offers will be the flavour of the month as everyone scrambles to reengage clients and capitalise on the post lockdown surge.

Here are a few simple, cheap and smart ways you can market your clinic or salon for re-opening:


If you’ve heard the term before, then you probably watch 60 minutes. The strategy of micro-targeting (sometimes called hyper-targeting) was famously used by the now infamous company Cambridge Analytica, who were involved in Donald Trump’s successful presidential bid. Importantly, Micro-Targeting is not illegal in any sense, but stealing people’s data – as Cambridge analytic did –  certainly is.

Micro-targeting means selecting a small portion of people and serving them ads based on a very specific criteria. For example, the Facebook targeting feature enables you to only show ads to women aged between 18-35 who live in North Sydney – that’s demographic targeting.


But it also lets you break it down even further, only targeting those who use beauty salons and are interested in luxury goods.

Best of all, you can start with a relatively low spend and build from there, and the Facebook systems take care of most of the ad design.

Grand Re-opening

We’ve gone over this in detail in a previous blog (you can check it out here). Still, it’s worth mentioning again as there will never be another opportunity to re-open your clinic following the closure of an entire industry.

An “Insiders” Special

We love things that make us feel valued. How about putting together a brilliant re-opening offer that is just for your loyal clients, and one other person?

You could send them an email offering them an upgrade on their next treatment, an offer which they can also share with one other person.

They get something special and get to give a great deal to a friend and you grow your client list.

Extended Hours

Not all offers need to be about money. When we are all thrown back into full-time work, time will become an issue for our clients. Extending your hours beyond the norm could be a good way to show that you understand what everyone is going through, and have their best interests at heart.

Of course, extended hours don’t need to be permanent, but it could be a good way to get new clients in the door – especially when late-night appointments are likely to be rare.

Post Lockdown Treatments

What about creating specialist treatments for people who have not had access to a clinic for more weeks than we care to count? The treatment could include specialised ingredients, deeper cleansing, or anything to get your clients beauty routine back on track.

Importantly, while none of these strategies – apart from the grand re-opening – should take a huge amount of time to organise, it would be much easier to plan for them now rather than after an announcement is made. Choose a strategy, create a plan and get ready for the re-opening of our industry.



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