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A How to Guide on On-selling Your Treatment Services.

December 9, 2021

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The essence of any clinic is a detailed and diverse treatment menu. However, it can be challenging to entice clients to experiment with new and exciting treatments. As humans we are creatures of innate habit and sometimes a clinic visit consists of a quick hair removal session and straight out of the door. Readjusting this mindset is vital and we need to be proactive in adding more value to our clients’ treatments. Here is our simple guide to on-selling services and broadening your client’s treatment regime.



On-selling products doesn’t have to be about the harsh sell. There is no need to badger your clients at reception with nonsensical product offerings. A more rewarding and positive approach to on-selling is a good old fashion freebie. That little extra touch and small extra time spent with your clients can make all the different to your relationship. If you have a client coming in for their routine laser hair removal session, why not offer them a free micro treatment at the conclusions of their session. This extra 15 minutes spent with the client not only provides them with a warm feeling of appreciation it also introduces them to the incredible and immediate results this treatment can offer. From there you have hooked the client onto this exciting new servicing and going forwards who knows their routine laser session might start to formulating into a complete skin rejuvenation package. This simple value add can certainly have a snowballing impactful outcome.


Complimentary Skin Analysis

The power of a skin consultation should never be overlooked. A skin diagnosis provides the perfect positional approach to freely talk with our clients about their skin and gently point out potential areas of concern. We can openly discuss underlying skin concerns and discuss the formulation of a proactive treatment strategy to manage them before they become a problem. We are able to discuss the integration of new targeted treatments and also suggest relevant homecare products to maintain these results. Providing recommendations and add-on in this situation comes across as far more genuine and founded.



Treatment packages are a very attractive menu item for clients. They clearly summarise a key skin goal and allow a client to experience an assortment of complementary and beneficial treatments that will get them to their desired outcome. Think Skin Glow, Renew and Repair, Acne and Breakouts, Stop the Clock, Laser Packages…Clients don’t want to worry about putting together their own skin journey they would rather scan your treatment package offerings and select the most relatable item for them. So, workshopping some pinpointed treatment packages is certainly going to help boost sales and on-sell services.



Interesting and engaging promotions are another enticing way to attract clients to new services. Promotions along the lines of buy 3 laser sessions and receive a free micro, purchase an injectables session and receive a free LED treatment or purchase 5 skin needling sessions and receive a free carbon facial. These sorts of offerings will not only encourage clients to buy in bulk but once again we will be introducing them to a new service which they are likely to love and become hooked on.


As you can see, on-selling is not about pushy sales tactics, it’s about adding value for your clients, building on your relationship with them and enhancing their treatment results.

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