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Creating Treatment Packages Your Clients Will Actually Stick To

October 24, 2021

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The key to impressive client results is certainly grounded in their regular clinic visits. However, getting clients to stick to their treatment journey is certainly not an easy feat. We need to keep things exciting and fresh to maintain their engagement, they need to be seeing results to maintain their commitment and they also need to make their visits fit into their busy schedules. Here is our how-to guide on formulating a reliable and effective treatment package your clients will want to stick to.

Start with a Thorough Diagnosis

Any logical treatment journey must begin with a comprehensive client consultation. We suggest that new clients undergo a detailed skin diagnosis appointment to capture the vital details needed to pull together a thought-out tailored treatment package. It is so important that we get to the bottom of several questions including; what the clients key skin concerns are, what skin goals they are hoping to achieve, what their lifestyle looks like, have they had treatments in the past, how busy their schedule is… These questions provide us with very important insights. It demonstrates what the client is struggling with so we can focus on addressing these prominent skin concerns and build our package around them. It lets us know what their end goal looks like so we can work together to achieve the outcomes they aspire to. It provides background on their lifestyle habits and any contributors or triggers that could be at the root of their skin issues (e.g. not wearing sunscreen). It provides context about past treatment experiences to help us be conscious of any biases or concerns they may have about clinic treatments. Lastly, understanding their routine and schedule can help us formulate a workable treatment program that fits in with their availabilities to ensure they are sticking to their treatment regime.

Explanation and Education

The importance of client education is thoroughly under recognised. If clients do not comprehend the causes of their skin concerns or how treatments interact to produce results, then they certainly aren’t going to feel committed to their treatment journey. Therefore, we suggest keeping your clients in the loop about what lifestyle choices could be at the root of their skin issues, so that you can work together as a team to achieve a well-rounded skin transformation. Educating them on each and every treatment in their skin pathway is crucial. They want to hear about what sort of results they can expect and an explanation from you about why these treatments have been handpicked from them. Clients need the reassurance that their investment will inevitably pay off and lead them to their skin goals. This communication really helps to build a trusting and genuine relationship between client and therapist.

Touching Base and Adapting

We may be cautious to ask but getting client feedback is vital. At the start of every visit, it is so important to debrief with your client and gather their feedback and experience with their last session. Listening to and resolving any concerns they may have is essential to keep their treatment journey on track and maintain a positive relationship between client and therapist. Based on this feedback it might also be worthwhile reviewing the client’s treatment pathway and identifying new treatment avenues to get the clients focused back on their end goals. Keep in mind that the further into a treatment journey the client is, the more subtle treatment results and skin improvements will become. In their first few sessions clients are likely to see dramatic improvements and changes in their skin but as we begin to correct superficial issues and move to preventative and deep skin corrections, clients may become disengaged with the process. Reframing their vision back towards a final goal is important and using your before and after images to remind the client of how far they have come is also imperative. Keeping thorough records is the key to keeping clients invested in their treatment journey.

Having the Right Treatment Menu

Possibly the most vital element of a powerful treatment package is having the right mix of services to offer. Clients love diversity and experiencing new treatment modalities, so having a bit of variety in your offering is going to be the key to keeping your clients engaged and intrigued. Clients can quickly become bored of repetitive one dimension treatment offerings and they may also not see the treatment results they were hoping for. Tackling skin issues such as acne requires a multidimensional treatment package to correct all stages of the treatment process, from getting active acne under control through LED therapy and topicals, keeping skin clear through treatments such as carbon facials or dermabrasion and also correcting post acne scarring through needling and skin peels. So, diversity in your menu is crucial to carrying out a complete skin treatment package.

With a comprehensive consultation diagnosis, a continued commitment to client communication and a diverse and engaging treatment menu, your clients will be sure to enjoy their treatment experiences for many years to come.

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