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Are You Ready for the Silly Season?

November 28, 2022

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It’s that time of year again. We’ve made it through Black Friday, but are you ready for the festive season? As the crowds start to go, make sure you’re prepared with our simple checklist –

Are Your Staff (Genuinely) Ready?

Christmas season brings out the best and worst in people. It’s great there’s so many people in the clinic because the days go faster, but those people are often quite stressed and then there are Christmas presents to think about and…

Before you create the Christmas roster, have a chat with your staff. Are they okay? When was the last time they had a break? Is anyone feeling the stress already? A quick chat can be the difference between a successful holiday season and burnout.

Is Your Clinic Ready?

Last minute clinic supply orders used to be standard practice prior to Christmas, and that’s unlikely to change. But, due to supply chain issues and delivery problems, there are likely to be some very disappointed/furious clinic managers and owners this Christmas.

Get those orders in sooner rather than later, especially for high-use and high demand supplies and products.

Keep an Eye on the Calendar

So, Christmas Day falls on a Sunday this year, so there’s a holiday on Boxing Day. Remember how insane Boxing Day was last year? It’s going to be an extra level of crazy this time around.

So, make sure you have enough staff on (remember the counter staff), remind your clients about your no-show policy and make sure there’s loads of coffee in the break room.

Promote, Promote and Promote Some More

Remember to capitalise on the busiest period of the year. Have your Christmas promotions ready to go on December 1, advertising them on Facebook and Instragram, hand out flyers in the clinic, make sure you have a gift card special for gifting purposes and share your returns policy.

Now, have a promotion planned for December 26 and put that on Facebook and Instagram so you can target in your local area. Most of your activity on Boxing Day will be foot traffic, so if you have digital screens make sure they’re bright and bold. If you use posters, order them now.

As we said to you all last year, this will all be worth it…after New Year!

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