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Attracting Staff in a Competitive Market

November 23, 2022

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The employment market has changed in general, but in specialist industries such as beauty and aesthetics industry the problem is compounded through education shortfalls brought on by COVID, a slump in skilled immigration and a lot of qualified people leaving the industry.

Still, there are some things you can do to encourage high caliber candidates to join your business.

Don’t Be Generic When Writing Job Ads

“Our clinic is based in the CBD and we pride ourselves on offering the very best service.”

“We have a friendly team who loves hanging out together.”


Talk about what actually makes your business a great place to work. Ask your team members why they love coming to work each day. Often, it’s the little things that demonstrate there’s more to a clinic than just treatments and money –

  • Monthly dinners
  • Non-monetary incentives
  • Staff discounts
  • Training and upskilling
  • Free treatments
  • Free lunches once a month

Don’t let all the cool stuff you do for your team be a surprise for the new team member – use it as advertising.

Think of the Future

More specifically, think of their future, as in, your team members. Do you talk to your team about their short, medium and long-term career goals? Do you know if they want to be managers, owners or specialists? Do you have anyone thinking about doing a nursing degree so that they can become an injector? If you promote future planning, including training and support as part of your onboarding process, you’re separating yourself from 95% of the industry.

Think of the Future (yours this time)

What are your plans for the business? Will it grow into a massive franchise or global empire? Will it be a niche specialist that appeals to the luxury focused? Will it be body centric, with fat freezing and fat reduction treatments? When you talk about your plans for the future, both during interviews and in a job ad, you bring people along for the journey. Don’t be afraid to share your dreams, don’t be timid when it comes to making it big and exciting because it could be the difference between that team member choosing you or that clinic down the road.

Speak to the Person

Imagine your ideal team member. How would you speak to them? What would you say to encourage them to work with you? Use that language when you’re writing your job ad. Speak to that person directly using words like ‘you’, for example, “…your skillset will be celebrated. You will receive a yearly training budget…”

Remember, people want to feel valued and secure. They want to be brought on a journey and understand that they are a part of something bigger. By explaining the benefits, both long and short-term of your business in the job ad and through the interview process, you give yourself a better chance of attracting that top performer.

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