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The Benefits of Buying a Second Hand Laser

December 15, 2020

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Candela lasers are arguably the most popular laser hair removal devices in Australia. Known for their reliability and performance, clinics across the nation have come to depend on them to deliver high-quality treatments, with less downtime.

But should you consider a second-hand device? What are the pros and cons? Can you feel comfortable that your device will stand the test of time? Let’s ask some hard questions.

What About Warranty and Servicing?

We’ve all heard the horror stories.

The device stops working and you call your service provider.

They tell you they don’t have a vital part in stock, or that it’ll take weeks to get a technician to you.

You may not be aware that Laseraid has a highly experienced team of qualified engineers, specialising in the repair of Candela lasers. They are available for service and support 7 days a week and have the shortest response time in the business. After all, downtime costs your business, both in money and reputation.

You can learn more about Laseraid servicing and warranty contracts by enquiring here. Ask for client referrals and discover why you should never stress about getting a technician to your clinic.

Also, it costs less than you think, so you can always have a warranty protecting you.

But What About Training and Support?

When you purchase a device from Laseraid, you gain access to an entire ecosystem of business, marketing and training options. Our in-house marketing team can take you beyond generic brochures and help you with social media, paid advertising and more! (We can even help set up brand new clinics and train owners and managers.)

Laseraid Training offers a series of intensive hands-on courses designed to get you and your staff operating at a high level, without a huge amount of time away from the clinic. All new clients get training on their device, either at our location or once we’ve delivered the device to your clinic and one of our engineers has installed and checked it.

Oh, and support and training don’t stop after the purchase is complete. Your account manager will stay in touch to ensure you and your business have everything you need.

I’ve Heard That Second Hand Lasers Sometimes Don’t Use Genuine Parts!

We source most of our parts from the same places as Candela. When we don’t it’s because our engineers have recommended an alternative that’s higher-performing and/or more cost-effective for our clients.

The way our servicing offering is set up, it’s in our best interest to keep the devices going – it’ll cost us dearly if they keep breaking down.

So, Should I Buy Second Hand?

Purchasing or renting a second hand Candela laser from Laseraid is much the same as buying a slightly used car from a reputable dealer, who has a team of mechanics on staff. It’s significantly cheaper, and you still get all the benefits (and more) of purchasing new.

You see, our reputation is on the line every time we deliver a Candela device to a clinic. Since 2007 we’ve worked alongside clinic owners, managers and technicians to help them grow their business effectively.

To learn more, or to speak with an account manager, call us on 02 9011 5509, email [email protected] or click here.


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