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Choosing a Skincare Partner

March 21, 2023

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A good skincare partner is like a good business partner; the right ones will work with you to help grow your business. The wrong ones will focus only on themselves.

Here are our top tips for selecting the right skincare partner.

What’s good for them (maybe) isn’t good for you.

The right skincare brand for someone you know or admire may not suit you. Why? Because your business may be at a different stage of growth or have unique challenges or opportunities, or your area’s demographics may differ. In fact, let’s start with that last one.

Start with your client.

It sounds obvious, but it’s incredible how many clinics don’t think about their clients before engaging a skincare partner. Not just what the client wants (which is something incredible in exchange for less money) but what is realistic as an ongoing purchase for them, because we want them to come back for more, right?
The best skincare brand with the best ingredients, outstanding results and a high retail price point will not sell if your clientele is on the lower end of the economic scale. Equally, the cheap brand isn’t right for an area with an average property value in the multimillions of dollars. Ask your customers what they use now – that’s the competition you’re trying to either beat or join.

It’s a people-based relationship.

Brands, businesses, proposals, products. The most important relationship you have is with a person. When evaluating a skincare brand, talk to multiple people in the business and, if their product is suitable, consider whether you can enter a business relationship with them. Good companies tend to attract good people, and even if your primary contact moves on, at least you know there are more good people in the business and that they have good hiring policies.

Think of your brand.

Your skincare supplier’s brand should be reflective of your clinic, your values and beliefs and the way you position yourself with the public.
If you’re focused on natural treatments and holistic healthcare, ensure your skincare brand represents that. If you’re a luxury brand that deals in long, experience-based therapies, look for a brand that sells itself as a premium skincare solution. Don’t take this lightly – branding is more than a logo. Talk to your potential partner about what they believe and how they communicate those beliefs and values through their marketing and public persona.

Talk to clients and users.

We’re a collaborative bunch in beauty and aesthetics. Sure, we’re a bit protective of our patches, but if someone in the industry wants to talk with us about our skincare partner (and their clinic isn’t two doors away), we’re usually ready to tell them the whole story. Ask your potential partner for client referrals and ask if you can have a friendly chat with them.

Money matters.

Minimum buy levels don’t matter if you’re in a clinic that’s pumping out treatments and you just need a skincare brand with good value and high margins. But if you’re a smaller or startup clinic, then upfront and ongoing costs are important.
Ask about minimum spends and ongoing spending frequency. Some skincare brands require a set spend over a period of time in order to maintain the relationship. Some have set minimum orders that are automatically charged. Others, especially small or startup brands (like you), are looking for mutually beneficial partnerships. Find the right financial fit before committing.

Try it.

We know you’ll go through a series of full routines before deciding if the product is good. Obviously.

Take your time. Speak to numerous potential suppliers and make lists of questions to ask. Choosing a skincare partner is tricky because it’s a business decision and an emotional one – we all know the importance of branding and marketing support. Make sure you’ve got the right person, the best company and a superb product before moving forward.

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