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Choosing Low-Impact Facial Treatments

November 24, 2020

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Low impact facial therapies are an important part of your clinic menu. They can also require less time and cost considerably less than other devices. Best of all, clients love them.

Here are our tips on which non-invasive treatments you should consider for your business.

LED Light Therapy


LED therapy encompasses a multitude of treatment types, including the ever-popular LED sauna, medical recovery treatments and acne, scar and blemish reduction treatments. But LED also has a wide range of non-treatment benefits, including Seasonal Effective Disorder, a common mental health disorder associated with the winter months.
LED is an effective treatment that requires virtually no training (the machine does all the work) neither does it require a considerable amount of time. The client lies down, the device is set, and that’s it.
LED is also a brilliant lunchtime treatment as no recovery is required.


Taking over Instagram are hydrotherapy treatments. Using water as a microdermabrasion medium, this treatment creates a visual representation of the treatment which clients love…and post to social media.
Vacuum technology is used to cleanse and exfoliate the skin at the same time, and different heads attached to the device can create different sensations and results.
It’s an excellent treatment for clinics that are looking to gain momentum or get a fast return on their investment because these treatments are already well known.

Skin Analysis

Yeah we know, it’s not a treatment per se, but skin analysers help clients understand their issues and aid technicians in more effectively communicating the reasons for suggesting treatments. Many clinics now dedicate rooms to diagnosis tools, including facial analysers.
A suitable device will conduct a complete analysis quickly and easily, and present the results in detail on an iPad or screen. The results can then be explained, and treatments recommended. This means that clients get what they need to better achieve the results they want, and it puts a bit more science into the process.

High-Intensity Focused Ultrasound

We couldn’t finish this list without mentioning HIFU, a treatment which many claim has revolutionised non-invasive therapy. Also known as the less painful facelift, HIFU uses ultrasound technology (dermal heat) to attack certain cells and stimulate collagen production. The results are fewer wrinkles, and the skin appears tighter.
This is a beautiful treatment for generating referrals because results appear quickly.

Non-invasive treatments are popular and effective. They are a fantastic tool for filling gaps during the day because people can undergo treatment on their lunch break with little or no downtime required.

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