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Choosing the Best Laser Hair Removal Device

January 27, 2023

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Choosing a laser hair removal device for your clinic can be overwhelming and confusing. Every manufacturer will do their job and explain why their machine is ‘better’ or ‘faster’ or ‘more advanced.’ At Laseraid we sell almost everything and no device is perfect for every clinic. So, here’s an unbiased guide to choosing a laser device: what you should ask, why you should ask it and what to look out for.

Because we’re close friends with most mainstream manufacturers, we’re not going to tell you a certain brand is better or worse (see our first point ‘technology’ as to why) but if you’d like to talk with a Laseraid advisor, orĀ  perhaps get a treatment from a laser hair removal device, call us on (02) 9011 5509 or email [email protected].


Our favourite and most commonly asked question is, ‘which device is best at laser hair removal?’ A totally fair and intelligent question which, you would hope, would end up with a simple question being answered quickly and concisely, and then a purchase and that’s the end of that.

But, the technology for laser hair removal – a laser heating the bulb of the hair follicle to destroy it – hasn’t changed significantly in decades. Manufacturers may have a different approach to laser hair removal in the form of different handpieces, an easier user interface, lighter accessories and so on, but when you get a new laser device it’s a laser that will heat a hair follicle to a point where it will be destroyed. That’s not to say the features and accessories aren’t important or useful, but the underlying methodology is the same.

New vs Second Hand

This is a bit of a curly one. It’s true that a new device is ‘safer’ in that you’re getting it direct from the manufacturer with a warranty attached and you know that it hasn’t been used or tampered with. But there are bargains in the second hand market if you know what you’re doing, and hazards if you don’t.

You see, on the surface, purchasing a used laser hair removal device is simple. You know the brand and the build date, and it looks legitimate.

We operate in both the new and second hand markets and so need to know what’s a good device and what isn’t. Of course, we do have the advantage of having a team of qualified service engineers.

A device might look good from the outside, but if the laser is poorly serviced or maintained or if there are parts missing or damaged in the interior, then you may not get the results you want and the laser could end up being useless, or even dangerous.

If you’re thinking about a second hand laser, talk to our service department. We may be able to assist with a warranty arrangement and evaluation of the device before you purchase.

What Do You Actually Need?

At Laseraid, we like to think of clinics as a formula. How many treatments do you complete per day and per week? What is your average treatment time? Do you need a powerful, fast laser? Would you be just as profitable with a smaller, still effective brand name device? Is a larger, newer and faster device going to appeal more to your demographic?

There’s no such thing as the perfect device for every clinic. If you’d like to see our range of laser hair removal devices, or just have a Laseraid advisor answer your questions, call (02) 9011 5509 or email [email protected].




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