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Clinic Planning for Valentine’s Day

January 31, 2023

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Valentine’s Day is the most romantic time of the year. It’s also the day that millions of us, driven by guilt and fear if you’re a bit cynical, race to our local shopping centre to spend far too much money on jewellery, fluffy toys and chocolates.
Or beauty treatments, perhaps.
Now is the time to start, so here are our tips for making your Valentine’s Day a successful one.

Target Gift Buyers, Not Just Clients

As clinic owners and managers, we’re brilliant at creating promotions targeted at our ideal client. But the Valentine’s Day target market includes people who may have never received a treatment – partners and loved ones. So, what do they want?
Give the uneducated buyer a simple way to purchase a thoughtful and meaningful gift. Perhaps this means a package that includes a lovely box of skincare products, or a Valentine’s Day facial treatment that includes heaps of extras.
Importantly, remember the presentation. Imagine that you’ve decided the ‘Luxury Valentines Facial’ is the perfect gift for your loved one. You buy it, only to be handed a generic gift card.
Create something that will help your gift buyer show their partner how much they love them (extra marks if you tell them that you’ll take extra special care of them).

Remember What the Day is About

The more you get into the day, the more you’ll get people into your clinic. So create a joyous experience with balloons, flowers, romantic music and whatever else you think screams ‘romance’.

Make Treatments on the Day Extra Special

Remember to make a big deal about the clients who have treatments booked on Valentine’s Day! A glass of champagne or sparkling grape juice to celebrate, also an offer just for them. They’re feeling good; now’s the time to book treatments for the rest of the year.

Partner With Your Location/Local Businesses

If you’re in a shopping centre, remember to speak with the management and marketing team to find out what they’re planning for the build-up to the day and how you can get involved.
If you’re a standalone store, chat with other local business owners. Building an offering with complimentary businesses can introduce you to a completely new type of client. Think florists, restaurants and that small romantic bar around the corner.

An Amazing Offer Just for Loyal Clients

Because they deserve to treat themselves.
Send an email or a text message to your best clients and tell them about the fantastic experience you’ve created exclusively for them. Unique treatments that aren’t available to anyone else will make the people who bring the most to your business feel special and part of something bigger than themselves.

Be Prepared

Valentine’s Day can be a great time of year for clinics, but remember to start early in the month for those rare partners that are actually organised. Late nights and weekends are important for gift buyers, so make sure you have reception staff ready and waiting.

Have a wonderful Valentine’s Day and if you’d like any other tips or thoughts on suitable treatments please contact your Laseraid advisor, or call 02 9011 5509.

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