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Complementary treatments that can be successfully integrated into your clients cosmetic injectables regime

October 27, 2021

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Cosmetic injectables have grown exponentially in popularity, and for a good reason they work! Antiwrinkle injectables and dermal fillers can have an immensely positive impact on our client’s overall face structure, symmetry, and proportionality. They also work to smooth out skin texture and give a fuller, fresher, more youthful appearance. But we should not stop simply at injectables, there are so many amazing complementary treatments we can package together for our clients to boost their treatment results. Here are our top picks for developing a cosmetic injectables rejuvenation package:


LED Therapy

LED Therapy has numerous beneficial implications including acne regulation, collagen induction and importantly healing. After an injectables session the treatment site may become swollen, bruised, and tender so a good proactive approach to minimise side effects and downtime is the utilisation of LED therapy post treatment. This will work to encourage a faster wound healing turnover to allow skin to renew and bounce back quickly after an injectable treatment. We suggest packaging up a complementary LED session with your injectables to minimise your client’s downtime and add that extra level of post care service. LED also of course has the added benefits of rejuvenating the deeper dermal layers of the skin to stimulate collagen and firm and tighten the skin from within. This will inevitably complement the immediate results achieved through injectables.



HIFU (High Intensity Focused Ultrasound) is by all measures an impressive rejuvenating treatment. It works at various skin depths to lift sagging skin and smooth out uneven textures such as fine lines and wrinkles. This advanced treatment modality with its powerful firming and plumping effects is the perfect complement to an injectables regime. We suggest getting your clients on a HIFU treatment plan before they venture into injectables. HIFU will work subdermally to provide a firm and even canvas for antiwrinkle injectables to lock in and fillers to enhance further. Please note that if you introduce clients to HIFU after injectables, they will need to wait 2 months after fillers and 2 weeks after antiwrinkle injectables.


General Rejuvenation

As with any skin treatment, maintenance is crucial. We want our clients to enjoy long lasting results and embrace their new look with confidence. For this reason, it is important to construct a thorough skin regime which incorporates other treatments in the times between cosmetic injectable sessions. Scheduling in your clients for an assortment of rejuvenating modalities such as radio frequency, skin needling, and laser genesis will provide a boost and long-term improvement to their treatment results. Nourishing and hydrating treatments such as hydrodermabrasion and facials are also beneficial when configured into an injectables regime as they provide hydration and plumping to the skin which enhances the look of cosmetic fillers.


A well-thought-out treatment package can certainly function well within a cosmetic injectables regime and enhance your clients’ results. The combination of the immediate results achieved through injectables paired with the longer-term results that come with subdermal rejuvenation is certainly a great combination.

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