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Creating Your Signature Facial Treatment

March 16, 2023

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A personalised signature facial treatment with your clinic name on it is a powerful way to position a premium product and to assist in making your clinic ‘known’ for something.

By putting your name on a facial treatment, you’re saying that you think it’s the best, you believe in it and you and your clinic should be judged on how good it is.

No pressure.

Here are our tips for creating a signature facial for your clinic.

Make it Authentic

Your signature facial should be an accurate representation of your brand and what you stand for. What is your brand promise? Are you all about natural ingredients and treatments? Are you a luxury location for the high end of town? Are you local and eclectic? Think about three things when considering what your brand is:

  • You and how people see you.
  • Your clinic, its style and how it’s supposed to be seen.
  • The local area and the people, both those who walk past your store and the ones who walk in.

Your facial should resonate as being in line with your clinic’s brand promise and it should be reflective of where you are.

It Doesn’t Have to be Expensive (or cheap)

Don’t get caught up in the ‘high quality means costly’ nonsense if that’s not what your clients will buy into. Suppose your clientele are radical free thinkers who believe money is just an artificial construct that inhibits our ability to experience reality the way it should be. Well, in that case, an expensive treatment just won’t work.

Create something you and your clients will both love.

Let It Evolve

Your facial, like a fine wine, should improve with age. As new innovations come in, incorporate them into your treatment. For example, if you get a new device and it can be used for facial treatments, you may wish to include that as part of your facial, thereby introducing another treatment to your existing clients and creating a buzz for new ones. Don’t be afraid to experiment and gather feedback on what people like and what they don’t.

It’s More Than a Facial

Once you’ve got your facial ready to go, make it part of your promotional calendar. Include it as a prize in a monthly draw, introduce it as part of a discount when you have a promotion and every time you change it, share the change with everyone.

Signature facials are an excellent tool for solidifying your identity and positioning your clinic effectively. Take your time building a treatment you love to perform, and remember to communicate how proud you are of it.

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