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Delighting Your Clients After Lockdown

October 6, 2021

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After so much time spent in isolation, guess who your clients will be looking to for a confidence boost to get back to reality and face the world again. Yep, you guessed it, you are going to be your clients emotional and skincare therapist. So here is a quick guide to delighting your clients after lockdown:

Start by reconnecting

With limited social interactions being the norm for so long now, getting comfortable around people again is certainly going to be an adjustment for us all. So, reconnecting and getting back onto the same page as your clients is going to be so important in fortifying your connection and making them feel at ease.

Reinforce and potentially rethinking their treatment journey

Getting clients back into the rhythm of regular clinic visits may prove a little difficult. After spending so much time lounging around at home in their pyjamas, getting out of the house for self-care may be a difficult readjustment for some. So, sitting down and spending some time with your clients upon their first visit back is going to be very important. Undertaking a reevaluation of their skin could prove very important, as their treatment journey has been jolted and we may need to take it back a few steps to accommodate for any rebound skin issues. So, start with a fresh skin consultation and analysis and reframe and plan out your client’s new post lockdown skin journey. By establishing a clear set of treatment steps and goals your clients will feel more committed to achieving the end results of their journey and stick to their treatment bookings.

Create an experience

Looking at the same set of walls day in day out has been a boring phenomenon for most, so after lockdown clients will be eager for a relaxing and even luxurious experience. Making a few simple tweaks to your clinic can certainly ramp up the quality of experience for your client. Simple things like scent and calming white noise could be the perfect way to enhance your clients’ experiences. Revamping some of your clinic décor can really enhance the comforting luxurious feel and give clients that getaway desire they have been longing for.

Add something new and exciting

With nothing much happening for months now and no exciting new things to look forward to, clients are certainly going to be excited to dive into the deep end and try something reinvigorating for their skin. So, it may be time for you to up your treatment menu and make the most of the boom in-clinic visits. While clients are flowing in and out of your doors, now is the perfect time to position new exciting treatment offerings and introduce them to as many clients as possible. With so many exciting growth pathways in the industry such as tattoo removal, skin rejuvenation and body contouring there are so many refreshing opportunities to differentiate your clinics’ offering and recapture your client’s attention.











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