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Facebook Advertising for Laser Clinics

June 25, 2020

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Facebook is the ancient artefact of the social media world, or at least it’s the only “old” platform that still exists at a significant level (I’m talking to you MySpace). Because of this, networks such as Snapchat and Instagram are often seen as the best place for businesses to allocate their marketing spend and effort.

But Facebook, despite its age, is still the most popular social network on earth. It has more than 2.6 billion monthly active users (people using the platform at least once a month). When you consider that only 4.5 billion people have Internet access, that is an even more impressive figure.

But it’s not the size of the global Facebook community that should encourage you to use Facebook advertising, it’s how well you can focus on individual elements of that community.

We’ll take you through the creation of an ad and show you exactly what we mean.

Firstly, we go to our Facebook page and click on ‘Ad Centre.’

Then, ‘Create Ad’

Now, we are asked how we would like to grow our business. For this example, we will select “get more website purchases.”

Now, things start to get very interesting. Click on “people you choose through targeting.”

This is where Facebook allows you to define, to an almost ridiculous degree, the type of person you will deliver your ad to.

Like most platforms you can segment based on age, gender and location. In this case, women aged between 24 and 44, based in the Sydney CBD.

But now, scroll down to “detailed targeting” and things start to get much more focused. For example, click on ‘interests.’

Now, ‘shopping and fashion’

Now ‘beauty’

And you have the people in your target market and area, interested in beauty salons. Remember also, ‘spas’ is a broad term as this was written for an American audience.

Now, all that’s left to do is define your budget and create your advertisement.

Facebook marketing presents numerous opportunities, especially when you have a detailed understanding of your client base. If you know the types of jobs they do, other interests they have and other important information it can all be used to target similar people and make them aware of your clinic.

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