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Fat Freezing and Why you Should Be Offering It

October 27, 2020

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Cryolipolysis or fat freezing has become incredibly popular over the last few years. But what are the mechanics and the realities of this treatment? This article should give you a basic understanding of how fat freezing works, and why.

It Has a Basis in Science

Scientists originally became aware of potential aesthetic applications for Cryolipolysis while studying the impacts of frostbite on skin. They discovered that fat cells freeze at a warmer temperature than skin cells, so fat cells can be deprecated without damaging skin – if the temperature is carefully monitored and maintained.

This discovery meant that fat freezing would never be a manual task, but one necessarily controlled by a scientifically specific device.

It Won’t Help You Lose Weight

While fat freezing will improve the aesthetic appearance of skin by damaging fat cells, it won’t remove additional pounds. However, it is ideal for issues of skin tone and loose skin. It will also improve the appearance of the skin where fat cells are prevalent. When combined with additional treatments such as skin pigmentation and rejuvenation, the results can be profound.

Results Depend on the Immune System

In case there was any doubt that fat freezing is a scientific solution, the reasons for delayed results should set anyone’s mind at ease.

Your immune system cleans out dead cells of all sorts over a period of time, and fat cells are no different. Cells are constantly dying and renewing and it is the job of the immune system to make sure that any cells that are no longer useful are removed. Fat cells take anywhere from a week to a month to go through this process, after which results start to become visible. This is the nature of any cellular solution.

Fat Freezing Is Cost-Effective

For you the clinic owner, fat freezing is low cost and high return. Due to the nature of fat freezing, an attendant does not need advanced skills, nor significant training. Additionally, there are limited costs when it comes to upkeep and due to the high value of the treatment, returns are excellent.

Fat freezing is a logical addition to any aesthetic clinic and should be positioned as a scientific solution to a client’s problem.


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