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Formulating a Structured Body Contouring Treatment Package for your Clients

November 19, 2021

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With summer around the corner and the season of laser shifting out of the pipeline, body contouring, and skin rejuvenation are going to be our biggest sellers. Body contouring continues to evolve as a highly demanded and requested treatment particularly in the lead up and during bikini season. However, getting it right requires a detailed balance of complementary treatments which work in tandem to achieve the reduction of fat, re-densification and tightening of skin and enhancement of muscle definitions. Here are our tips for formulating the perfect body contouring treatment package:


Step 1: Fat Reduction

Fat cells or adipocytes are an important physiological component of the human body, they provide warmth, energy, and protective cushioning. It is important to note that the number of fat cells in the body remains relatively stable over time. When we notice weight gain what we are observing is the expansion or swelling of these adiposities and not an increase in their number. Alternatively, when we see a reduction in our waistline, we are witnessing the shrinkage of our fat cells. This brings us to the incredible benefit of body contouring, which is the complete destruction and removal of fat cell numbers. This means we have fewer fat cells in the body waiting for the opportunity to grow.

There are many effective treatment modalities we can use to minimise fat cell numbers, these include fat freezing, radio frequency and ultrasound. Fat Freezing or Cryolipolysis is a treatment which involves the applications of cool temperatures to selectively freezing fat cells to a point which triggers their death. Over the course of 3 months the body will naturally eliminate the dead fat cells and the overall number of fat cells in the area depletes.


Fat cells are also susceptible to extreme heat through the application of radio frequency energy. The application of heat causes fat cells to rupture and slowly dismantle and die. The body again recognises the cells’ pending death and starts to process them through the lymphatic system as waste Spotify Promotion. Once eliminated from the body they cannot regenerate. Similarly, ultrasound technologies such as HIFU also work through the application of heat to break down fat cells and encourage the body to metabolise and expel them.


Step 2: Skin Tightening and Cellulite Correction

Once we have removed fat from the area/s of concern our next task is to evaluate the state of the skin and determine if it has been overstretched and texturised due to the pressure placed on the skin by weight gain. When the skin has been stretched beyond its means it loses its elasticity and strength. Radio frequency and HIFU modalities work to rebuild this elasticity and restrengthen the skin through the application of thermal energy which delivers rejuvenating heat to the dermal layer of the skin.

Cellulite is also a residual post weight loss skin concern which we need to factor into our treatment program. It occurs when fibrous connective cords called septae, that tether the skin to the underlying muscle fascia, tighten and become inflexible causing the skin to pull down and dimple around fat pockets. Radio Frequency devices work to liquify and destroy fat, loosen the fibrous septae, reduce fluid retention and also stimulate collagen and elastin to enhance skin strength and firmness. This provides a noticeable reduction of cellulite in the treatment area.

Step 3: Muscle Definition

So, your clients have a perfectly sculpted body with an even skin texture and firmness, now what…muscles!! Topping off your treatment regime with a series of EMS (Electromagnetic Muscle Stimulation) sessions will finesse your clients’ results. EMS works to trigger involuntary muscle contractions which strengthens muscle fibers just like a good workout does and also works to burn off more fat. Clients will notice greater muscle tone and definition with targeted results.

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