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Grow your Clinic Flexibly, the Laseraid Subscription Model Explained!

January 19, 2022

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The beauty industry certainly is a unique space, we encounter industry specific constraints, and it can be difficult to achieve the growth you envision. It is for this very reason that the Laseraid subscription model was born. At Laseraid we work to address issues of pivoting industry trends, rapid technological advancements, investing in large capital devices, and dealing with unreliable suppliers. We offer the most industry current equipment, at a predictable weekly cost, with flexible upgrade options and limitless scalability. So how could this model benefit your clinic? 


Well first what does a Laseraid subscription look like… 

Laseraid clients simply pay a weekly fee for the utilisation of the device(s) of their choosing. We have a diverse product range encompassing all industry technologies and brands to give you access to the exact devices that work best for your style of clinic and clientele. You can subscribe to the device(s) for as long as it works for your clinic and terminate with notice for any reason. At any point you can switch between different device brands and different modalities, meaning that your subscription is entirely flexible to your clinic needs and can be easily adapted. You can subscribe to multiple devices and receive significant package discounts to help with your business scalability. Aside from the device utilisation and subscription  flexibility, you are provided with the following support services to allow you to focus on the core of your business…your clients. Laseraid can take care of the rest. Included in your subscription package is the following: 



Device downtime has to be one of the most frustrating and expensive clinic dilemmas. By their very nature aesthetic devices are highly advanced and intricate pieces of equipment which require careful and thorough maintenance and servicing. Sometimes through an accumulation of factors our devices can fail us, and we are left with an expensive service bill, a loss of income and a dent in our reputation. Well, this is a burden which Laseraid subscription clients need not fear. Subscribers are entitled to priority access to the largest and most responsive service team in the industry, available to you 7 days a week. With a highly qualified team of service technicians, we will have your device up and running in no time and the costs for any internal repairs and parts are completely covered by Laseraid with no cost to you. So, you can enjoy the peace of mind knowing that your subscription devices will be entirely taken care of with no burden on you or your wallet.  


Education is everything in this industry. With so much to learn and new research and treatments constantly flooding the market it can be tricky to maintain a highly industry current and skilled team. Adding new equipment into your clinic can be daunting because it means there is a whole new set of treatment and device protocols you need to learn and pass on to your team. This can be so overwhelming when you are already juggling a busy clinic. A Laseraid subscription makes this simple. We provide access to the most knowledgeable and experienced team of trainers in the industry to get you up to speed with your device fast. They will spend time with your team to run through the device technology, treatment theory, consultation and diagnosis protocols and practical hands-on experience to finesse your technique. We also offer refresher sessions when you onboard new staff to ensure your entire team is the best in the business and stays that way. Upskilling content and initiatives are also provided to ensure you are up to speed with market trends and can continually expand your skill set and remain industry current as new technologies and treatments emerge. 



Captivating your clients with marketing initiatives can be time consuming. Promoting your unique offering and attracting your ideal clients is not a simple formula. So, through your subscription package you will also gain exclusive access to Aesthetes, our specialist aesthetic marketing agency.  This support encompasses marketing strategy consultation, design services, content generation and assistance with social media marketing. These support services are continually requestable throughout the life of your subscription.  

Clinic Supplies: 

The Laseraid subscription model also offers all subscribers a monthly budget dedicated towards stocking up clinic supplies. A monthly code will be allocated to your account, and this can be used on Laseraid’s website to purchase all device consumables, clinic sanitation equipment and skin preparation tools. The more devices you subscribe to the more your monthly consumables credit value will increase.  


So, what can the Laseraid subscription offering your business: 

  1. Growth: Achieve the growth you desire fast! Scale up your business quickly and expand out your treatment menu to maintain client engagement   
  2. Competitiveness: Retain your industry currency and leadership by upgrade your subscription to new technologies to ensure you are always working with the latest and best equipment on the market 
  3. Flexibility: Diversify your business without the full upfront commitment of investing in large capital devices, by trail new technologies to see what works best for your clientele  
  4. Reliability: Work with the best and most reliable equipment in the industry all serviced for by the leading team of engineers in the industry to make sure your clinic is always running smoothly   
  5. Cost effectiveness: Start your clinic in the most cost effective and cash flow positive way through Laseraid’s predictable weekly fee. Acquire new equipment without the burden of large cash outlays and expensive ongoing device maintenance 

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