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Grow Your Clinic – Understanding Your Treatment Journey

October 6, 2020

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Are you offering your clients all the treatments they crave? The treatment journey your clients’ experience could mean you’re allowing them to walk away without everything they want, and that walk may end in a competitor’s clinic.

From Diagnosis to Follow-up

The most common treatment journey is limited to one or two steps. Perhaps a skin analysis or initial consultation, followed by the treatment that was booked. However, by engaging the client in a process, another treatment can become the next logical step.


Whether you use a skin analyser or your own expertise, this is the ideal time to begin introducing your treatment journey. Explain that this is step one, the next step will be the treatment, followed by advice on how the client can improve and maintain their skin.


During the treatment, refer back to the diagnosis. Explain how the treatment will help in improving their issues and perhaps add other micro treatments if they are beneficial.


There’s a reason people dread the post-treatment sales pitch…because it’s a sales pitch. Clients will lie their way out of spending any additional money and many will complain, most commonly online, if they feel manipulated. So, set their mind at ease: tell them you’ll take then through the products you used and they can take some samples if they want to. Then, explain some simple low or no-cost things they can do at home to maintain or improve their skin. Finally, get them involved in an ongoing treatment journey by giving them the option to book now, or schedule a follow-up call from you. Perhaps you could bring them into a scheduled email that demonstrates your expertise and offers additional advice based on seasonal issues.

At this point, take notes and add follow-ups to your calendar, because as with most sales processes, the most important part is the follow-up :


What other treatments did your client express interest in? What did they commit to doing at home? Do they require healing treatments such as LED light therapy or HIFU?

The follow-up could be an email, a text or a phone call – the key is that it’s personal and relevant.


Think of the long term sales. It’s easy and seductive to think of selling things to clients quickly and sending them on their way. But it’s expensive to get people through the door and by building more repeat business that you can rely on, you can spend less on marketing, have consistent revenue and focus on improving your treatment menu and offering.

Remember, Honesty Builds Trust

We’ve all been to a mechanic that treats us fairly and tells us the truth about what we need. This type of trust breeds loyalty – once we find someone we trust we’ll stick with them and refer our friends, confident that they will also be treated fairly.

Think of your favourite place to get flowers or coffee, the restaurant you always visit or a local baker that you love. What keeps you going back there? Most commonly, it’s not just the product – being great at what you do is a minimum standard – but rather, the people and how they make you feel.

Tell the truth, keep telling the truth, and focus on solving your client’s needs. Create a process that helps solve their problems or makes them feel better. Pay close attention to what they want and help them get it.

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