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How to Start a Beauty or Laser Clinic in Queensland

February 14, 2023

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Starting a beauty business in Queensland is, like some other states (*cough* Western Australia), a bit trickier than the likes of New South Wales. It’s essential to plan in advance what treatments you’ll be offering so that you can ensure you have all the appropriate licences and tick all the regulatory boxes.

Importantly, please use this article as a guide only. We will offer links to various government websites, but it’s important that you seek independent advice. Of course, you’re welcome to reach out to one of our client advisors for more info at 02 9011 5509 or [email protected]. We understand how confusing this can get.

Let’s get straight to the point. We’re not going to talk about the pros and cons of regulation and government oversight – there are plenty of forums to chat about that kind of thing on – this article will stick to the realities of opening a clinic in Queensland, without the social commentary.

It’s Easy…If You’re Not Using a Laser

There’s a reason luxury facials, waxing and other non-laser treatments are so popular in Queensland – you don’t need to go through a lot of paperwork to open a non-laser clinic.
If you are opening a laser clinic you will need two licences…or one licence and then another one for each person who will be operating the laser.

Licencing Requirements

In order to possess a class 4 laser you will need a Possession Licence. It is a breach of licencing laws to obtain a laser before getting your Possession licence. To do so, you will need to undergo the application process, get a device that complies with Australian and New Zealand safety standards, have your rooms certified and more. All the requirements are listed here.

Every person who is going to operate a class 4 laser device must also have a Use Licence. This is a multi-step process involving an application for a Trainee Licence, under which the trainee must be supervised by a suitable supervising licensee, and a log book of hours must be kept. Then once the criteria are met and the licenced supervisor is comfortable that the trainee is able to do treatments without supervision, an application for a Full Licence can be made. More details on Use Licences and their requirements can be found here.

It Depends on Your Business Model

As mentioned, there are loads of successful beauty businesses in Queensland that don’t use class 4 laser devices. Some are strictly non-device clinics, but many choose devices that get brilliant clinical outcomes, without the need for licencing. Hifu, IPL and hydro-dermabrasion are all examples of these. Starting a beauty business should be about working out what will get people in the door in your area (the ‘low hanging fruit’) and then thinking about how to keep them engaged and upsell them with a variety of effective and exciting treatments (your clinic menu). Think this through logically and don’t be seduced by what other clinics are doing.

If you decide that laser hair removal will be your cornerstone treatment and would like to be pointed in the right direction, please don’t hesitate to reach out to one of our client advisors for a relaxed, no-pressure conversation. We know that you’ll have loads of questions and part of the process is getting the right information. Give us a call at 02 9011 5509 or email [email protected].

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