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Hygiene and Safety Ideas for Your Clinic

April 23, 2020

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As politicians discuss a pathway back to normality, we can start to consider the measures that will be required to make sure our clients feel safe and secure when re-entering our clinics in the coming weeks.

Of course, as an industry, our hygiene practices are well known, but there’s a chance some of our clients will be nervous when re-entering the clinic, so here are some ideas to reassure them:

Demonstrating Change

In Australia, we have been very lucky. Our hospitals have not been overrun and we have managed to slow the infection rate to a point where leaving isolation can be seen as a safe option. However, our clients are still being bombarded by news from around the world, talking about how the virus spread and is continuing to do so.

Sometimes, all that’s required is an acknowledgement that things have changed.

Perhaps you will do this by communicating your increased measures when people walk in, maybe you will use a list of changes placed on reception or maybe a conversation when making an appointment is best for you.

The Quick Speech

It’s not likely that your clients will want to receive a lecture on safety practices when they visit you again – we have all had plenty of those. But it doesn’t do any harm to talk them through the changes you’ve made –

“I just quickly want to reassure you that we are doing everything in our power to keep everyone safe. For example, we have increased our…”

Make It Part of the Treatment

Our industry accidentally lends itself to social distancing. For a majority of our treatments, clients are in a room with one other person, perhaps two. It’s likely that there will be ongoing social distancing requirements, so why not embrace them, rather than making them an annoyance?

Perhaps footstools in the waiting area will encourage clients to put their feet up and not move around as much. Designated arrival times and a welcoming process could increase the sense of luxury experienced by the client.

Adherence, Not Reluctance

If you take whatever measures you implement seriously, your clients will feel safer. All of us have handled this crisis in different ways – some have questioned the measures taken by the government, others have been grateful for them. Some of us have felt the whole thing was a bit overly dramatic, and some people are still experiencing tremendous amounts of fear. Simple, solid action that is adhered to, rather than reluctantly implemented, will help avoid any awkward conversations and make your clinic an oasis of safety and calm.

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