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Is your Candela laser device down? We’re here to help!

September 4, 2023

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Laseraid has years of experience and expertise in servicing a wide range of medical aesthetic devices. Our team of manufacturer-trained technicians are well-versed in the intricate workings of various devices, ensuring accurate diagnoses and effective repairs. We specialise in Candela, Cynosure, Lumenis, Laseroptek and more!

Being a business ourselves, we truly grasp the significance of maintaining peak device performance. When a laser system experiences downtime, it directly impacts your revenue stream, so we’re here to help. From regular maintenance inspections to swift, efficient repairs, Laseraid is your dependable partner, dedicated to guaranteeing the flawless operation of your devices. Lets have a look at one of the biggest manufacturer Laser fault codes, and how we can help.

Candela, a well-known manufacturer of medical aesthetic devices, uses a fault code system to help technicians diagnose and address issues that may arise with their devices. These fault codes provide valuable information about the nature of the problem. Keep in mind that specific fault codes can vary depending on the device model and type.

Here are a few examples of Candela fault codes:


Fault 7.3 – DI pressure switch does not change when power turned on. OR DI pump is not ON or DI pressure switch not actuated.
Fault 8.1 – DCD pressure < 105 psi while in READY & INT_DCD & HP w/DCD & spray setting is non-zero.

Fault 10.5 – Slider button pressed while in Ready State. Cannot change spot -size while in Ready

Fault 12.1 – On last treatment pulse, the head energy (HD) was 14%lower than expected head energy (x HD).

Fault 12.2– On last treatment pulse, the head energy (HD) was 14% higher than expected head energy (x HD).

Fault 13.1 – TRIGGER SWITCH FAULT The redundant trigger switches were in two different states for > 1 second while in ready.
Fault 15.1 – Transmission (TX) is < 70% w/HD or CP energy >1.5J (Aper < 30% w/HD>6J or CP energy>2.5)

DCD Warnings:

Canister pulse count reaches zero “0”, or when air detected at the canister > Replace DCD canister & reset canister counter whenever this message appears.

Air was detected in the cryogen lines > With handpiece removed from the calibration port, depress the purge button until the message clears.

Exit to Clean Window
Delivery System Transmission is low > Examine HP Slider window. If necessary, clean or replace window.

Candela Max Pro Faults Overview:

Fault 7.5 Fluid Level
Fault 12.1 HVPS
Fault 12.2 HVP/ Laser Head
Fault 13.1 HP Trigger – Data Cable / Trigger / Replace HP
Fault 15.1 Delivery System Transmission
Fault 26.1 Internal Software

We can assist with a range of Candela devices including: Candela MaxPro, Candela GentleYag, Candela GentleLase and Candela Mini’s.

We are a partner you can trust. Laseraid has been a trusted name in the industry for years. Our commitment to quality service and client satisfaction has earned us the trust of numerous clinics across Australia. Join our community of satisfied clients who rely on us for their device servicing needs.

From routine maintenance checks to urgent repairs, Laseraid is here to ensure your devices operate flawlessly. Contact us today to discover how we can enhance the performance and longevity of your medical aesthetic equipment. Your success is our priority, and we’re here to support you every step of the way.

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