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Niche and Specialist Treatments You Should Consider

February 21, 2023

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Taking on a treatment that is uncommon, interesting or uniquely effective can bring in new prospects or increase visits of existing clients when the treatment is chosen wisely, and the launch is carried out in a compelling, authentic fashion.

First, here are a couple of things to consider before taking on a niche or specialist treatment – 

  • What’s the exit strategy? What happens if your community doesn’t respond to the treatment? This is why Laseraid chose to implement a 3-month trial period – you can plan perfectly, but the public will dictate what they like and don’t like.
  • How diverse is the device you’re taking on? Can it perform multiple treatments? If it is a significant investment and a niche treatment, get bang for your buck by growing your treatment menu (the Lumenis Stellar IPL and the Laseroptek Helios IV are good examples of this).

Now, let’s get down to treatments – 

Acne Scarring

We can do some things for clients that can genuinely change their lives, and acne scarring treatments are one of those.

For those who have lived with adolescent or adult acne and the subsequent scarring, the impact on self-confidence and ongoing self-esteem cannot be overstated. Acne scarring treatments are a way to remove scars, both from the body and the mind.

Acne scarring can take many shapes, and it is vital to diagnose the type of scars a client has been left with to determine the most effective course of treatment. There are different types of scars to consider, including boxcar, icepick, hypertrophic, and rolling scars.

RF microneedling has proven very effective when it comes to acne scars, and fortunately, the Sylfirm X platform offers numerous treatment options.

Device – Sylfirm X

Pigmentation Removal

Not so much a niche as something that not enough clinics promote. We love to talk about even skin tone and texture, but when our clients look in the mirror, they see freckles, sun and age spots and other imperfections. Sure, they still look wonderful, but removing a sunspot is like removing a mistake from the past – how many people would love to do that?

Device – Lumenis Stellar

Tattoo Removal

Speaking of mistakes, how many of your clients have ‘that’ tattoo? The tramp stamp from the nineties or even *gulp* the barbed wire armband. Luckily, you can help with a Q-Switched or Picosecond laser, good training and the courage to say, “Hey, do you want to get rid of…that?”

Device – Helios III 

A Tailored Facial

By definition, good niche or specialist treatments usually focus on a specific issue. Importantly, they don’t need to be either expensive or fancy. The Coolifting treatment, for example, is low-cost, fast and effective. You can do the same by understanding what the client wants and focusing on that. What about a facial and peel targeted at a specific issue? Perhaps you’re already doing it and need to rename it or market it more effectively. Look at your clinic menu and ensure you’re striking a balance between lovely, luxurious, and diagnosed and effective.

Device – Your experience and expertise

Adding a niche treatment to your menu doesn’t need to be risky. Talk to a Laseraid Client Advisor today about our 3-month trial period. You can try the device on a subscription and if you’re not totally happy, we’ll take it back. Easy.

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