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Performance Management in Laser Clinics – Getting the Best Out of Your Team

June 23, 2020

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A happy, service orientated clinic is also one that is profitable. The effective management of staff is a massive part of this. In fact, the reason most people leave businesses is ineffective management.
The phrase “performance management,” is often associated with the removal of substandard performers, but when used correctly, it can not only help staff become better at their job, but also improve the business at almost every level.

Here are some thoughts on effective performance management for clinics.

Performance Management Opens the Communication Door

The underlying concept of performance management is more about awareness than anything else. It enables the business to tell the employee that their performance is lacking in certain areas, and for the employee to learn how to improve.
Crucially, while there may be a perception of unacceptable performance at a management level, the employee may have no idea of any issues, and in all likelihood will eager to rectify the situation.
What may be seen as common sense to one person is something completely different to another, so sometimes all it takes is an open and honest discussion.

Performance Management Is a Two-Way Street

The conversation between the employee and the employer isn’t just about the employer’s perception of the performance gap. It’s also an opportunity for the employee to make their manager aware of any circumstances or issues that are preventing them from performing their role effectively. This opens the door to the discussions that staff members have behind closed doors, concerned that their managers won’t see their problems as important.
If you are a manager and reading the statement thinking, “this doesn’t apply to me, we have open communication in our clinic,” then it almost certainly applies to you.
Turning performance management into a productive dialogue can be transformative for a clinic, a manager and the employee.

Performance Management Is Structured

Of course, you can have informal conversations with your employees but performance management protocols are regulated and mandated at a state and federal level. These regulations exist to protect the rights of the employee and to treat both sides justly.

Perhaps the most essential part of performance management is the agreement between both parties and the agreed-upon timeframes. If this is done cordially and positively, it can have a measurable impact on the business. Remember to ask your employee, while you are setting benchmarks in place, “what do you need from me in order to get this done?” Phrase it in such a way that they feel comfortable telling you what assistance they require, and then agree that both of you will move forward on the assumption that every benchmark will be hit.
Any form of performance management can have a negative impact on everyone involved. But if you have exhausted every other avenue, the formal process – when carried out properly – can clarify the issues and put measures in place to rectify the situation.

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