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Making Your Clients Feel Safe During Covid19

March 23, 2020

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As the COVID19 crisis continues to unfold, and different measures are put in place, the expectations of our industry are also changing. The burden is now on us to make our clients feel safe and secure and at least somewhat isolated from the increased difficulties and stresses we are currently experiencing.

At the time of writing this, salons and clinics were able to remain open.

1. Tell Them

Again, and again, and again. Repetition is the mother of skill and making someone feel safe and secure involves explaining the actions you’ve taken, and then reaffirming those actions. Tell them when they arrive, hang it on the wall and tell them again in all your external communications, such as emails.

Here is an example to hang on your wall, feel free to use it, or if you would like a printable version with your logo attached, please email your logo files to [email protected] – our marketing manager will do it for free.

2. Protect Yourself

Demonstrate your commitment to your clients by making sure they are not experiencing flu symptoms, haven’t travelled overseas recently and haven’t been potentially exposed to the virus. By showing this commitment to safety and risk minimisation, you are helping them see that you have a robust safety process.

3. Don’t Play Down The Risk

Regardless of whether you think the government response to the virus is over the top, don’t assume your clients feel the same way. By playing down the risk, you are telling your clients that you haven’t put adequate measures in place, or at the very least, are not taking them seriously.

4. Do the Infection Control Training

Show your commitment to risk mitigation by completing the government training for infection control.

5. Do More Than Enough

Keep an eye on recommendations from the World Health Organisation and the Australian Government, and go above and beyond when it comes to hygiene. While it is essential to meet all standards, it’s better to be showing your clients that your priority is their safety by eliminating as many potential infection points as possible.

Green and White Business Advisory Coronavirus Awareness Poster

We will come out the other side of this, and when we do, hygiene and safety standards will be important to our community and clients. The measures you put in place today will help you in the long run.

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