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Renting Laser Hair Removal Devices – How It Works

February 24, 2021

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If you are considering purchasing a Candela, Palomar, Spectrum, or any other piece of equipment for a beauty clinic or salon, it would be wise to consider renting. This article will not focus on the obvious advantages of not having to pay a large amount of money upfront or get a bank loan, because the business case for rentals goes far beyond the purely financial.

Peace of Mind

With servicing and technical support included – facilitated by a local team – you can rest assured that any downtime you experience will be minimal. Laseraid has offices in Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane and can respond quickly, over the phone or in person, and has the parts on hand to solve most problems promptly.

Growth Opportunities

How many clients do you need per week to grow your business? Rentals, with their predictable weekly cost (including warranty), mean that you can build a formula for the growth of your clinic or salon. You can understand the cost per treatment – including staff salaries, leases, equipment rentals etc – and know when it is mathematically sensible to introduce another treatment room or product offering. This formulaic approach to business growth has proven incredibly popular with our clients and is one of the main reasons that rentals have become such a popular option.


We use this term to describe the options our clients have with regards to equipment. For example, a client can choose to scale their business without growing it in the traditional sense. Consider this example:

‘Clinic A’ starts with a laser hair removal device that can complete treatments in 30 minutes. The owner of the clinic is delighted that the device is fully booked, but is not confident enough to expand the business by adding an additional treatment room and committing to the lease that entails. Instead, that business owner contacts Laseraid and upgrades the device without extending the term of the rental. Now, treatments can be completed in 15 minutes, dramatically increasing the revenue attributed to the device, while limiting increased costs.

Rentals are an exciting, sensible tool for growing a beauty or aesthetics business. To learn more or for terms and conditions, click here.

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