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Summer Treatments Your Clients Will Love

October 18, 2021

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Things are heating up in more ways than one. With lockdowns (hopefully) being nearly a thing of the past, we can begin planning for a summer reunited with our friends, family and clients. Those clients will be eager to get out in the Australian sun and as things get warmer, different treatments will become more appealing. Promoted correctly, these treatments can continue to popularity through Autumn and winter also, becoming important parts of your menu.

Here are a few treatments to consider adding to your offering this summer.

Fat Freezing /Cryolipolysis

Obviously. Fat freezing is well known so you don’t need to explain it to your clients…at least not too much. Most will understand what fat freezing does, but there’s more confusion around how it does it. Luckily, it’s based in science and you can learn more about the science of cryolipolysis here.

Fat freezing is also an excellent complimentary treatment that, much like laser hair removal, creates an ongoing treatment plan for your clients.

Fractional RF

Fractional RF uses electromagnetic waves and dermal-stamping to heat the surface of the skin and encourage collagen production.

Traditional RF uses blunt electrodes to deliver electromagnetic waves and has a short recovery time. Your clients will start seeing results after 2-5 treatments and those treatments will need to be spaced out by 7-10 days, so just like fat freezing you can engage your clients in a long term treatment plan.


High-Intensity Focused Ultrasound (HIFU) uses focused ultrasound energy (yes, the same energy as is used to view a baby during pregnancy) to heat up sub-dermal skin layers, enhancing the cellular increase of collagen where it will have the most benefit.

Where some other treatments heat the outer layers of skin to increase collagen, HIFU is working on the layers of skin that aren’t immediately visible. As a result, it can take weeks or months following HIFU treatments to see results. However, those results can last longer, with some clients saying that the results of HIFU are visible for anywhere from 6 to 12 months. It’s the ideal treatment for longterm client relationships, especially when they see the results.

When choosing treatments for summer, nobody knows your clients better than you. Think about whether skin rejuvenation or body treatments are more likely to appeal, and reach out to your Laseraid account manager to learn more.



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