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The Best Laser Clinic in Australia – How You Can Create It

August 4, 2020

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What would the best laser clinic in Australia look like? In this article, we will attempt to define the perfect laser clinic, give examples of crucial elements and hopefully inspire you.

Here are the elements that make up the best laser clinic in Australia:


Of course, there are clients coming and going and the appointment book is backed up for weeks, but this is only one part of busyness. This clinic has a social media portfolio packed with images from their clinic, testimonials from clients and useful hints and tips for anyone who is interested.
Their website is filled with useful information, relevant offers and even a forum for clients to talk about their treatments and ask questions.
They send regular emails to clients and members of the community, talking about new technologies, additional treatments that can complement laser and offers from other businesses that their audience may be interested in.

2.Effortless Effectiveness

The treatment is flawless and the staff are highly trained, effective and capable; but that is the basic criteria. What makes this clinic the best of the best is the experience the customer has from the moment they walk through the door. There is no receptionist, a concierge greets them:
“Welcome Miss Jones,” says the concierge having taken the name from the scheduled appointment. “Let me show you into the waiting area, would you like champagne, wine or sparkling mineral water while you wait?”
“Champagne please,” replies Miss Jones.
The champagne arrives quickly and Miss Jones has just enough time to finish it when she is called into her appointment which starts exactly on schedule, due to client delays being built into appointments.
The perfect clinic is effective in making their clients feel confident, special and valued.

3.Attention to Detail

When you make an effort to make sure the small things are perfect, you are telling your client that will show them just as much care and attention. The best laser clinic doesn’t have dust or dirt, and the decor has been planned and is constantly reviewed. Anything that looks old or worn (unintentionally) is removed and replaced. The owner of the perfect clinic understands that small things make a big difference.

4.They Are Not Just a Clinic

The perfect clinic owner understands that their clients don’t come to them because they provide laser hair removal treatments. While each client has different motivations, it all boils down to one thing – being the best version of themselves. For some, that will be feeling beautiful, for others, it will be feeling sexy and for some, it will be feeling feminine.
The ideal clinic understands that their clients don’t want to feel this way only on the days they visit the clinic. So, the best clinic in Australia offers additional services, products and free advice to help their clients be the best version of themselves.

The perfect clinic provides a wonderful experience, but the focus is well and truly on the client, how they feel and how they want to feel. They allow the client to remain involved long after leaving the premises, and their door – both physical and virtual – is always open to anyone seeking to improve themselves.

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