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The Five Most Instagramable and TikTokable Treatments

May 9, 2023

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It’s all about the ‘gram and TikTok these days. Celebrities have monetised it, self-help gurus have demonised it and at some stage, we’ve all used it to make ourselves feel relevant.
But let’s face it, Instagram and TikTok are valuable tools for business growth in the beauty and aesthetics sector and quality video content is what everyone’s looking for.
So while you’re brainstorming video content (you’ve done the dancing team members and don’t need to do it again), here are a few treatments that are a joy to behold.

Carbon Facial – Best for drama

There are many opportunities in a carbon facial. Or Hollywood Facial. Or Chinadoll Facial. They’re all the same – apply carbon gel and ‘explode’ it with a Q-Switched laser. Just describing the treatment is dramatic, but it’s nothing compared to applying the carbon gel and then the smoke that comes off the skin when the laser blasts it away.
The only thing is that the more gel you apply, the better the smoke plume but the less effective the treatment.

Hydrodermabrasion – Best for the ‘ewwww’ factor

Hydrodermabrasion or hydrafacial, depending on your device, is the treatment de jour. Non-invasive and excellent results you can see…although perhaps you shouldn’t.
It’s an ongoing trend that people, for some reason, take shots of the dirty cleansing cycle holder to show how much grime came off their skin. Of course, there’s an audience for everything, right?

Facial Massage – Best for comedy

Have you ever seen a video of someone getting a deep facial massage? They try to relax their face and enjoy it, but it’s one of the most unnatural things you can experience. It feels amazing, and you never want it to stop, but also, someone is rubbing your face and that’s just not normal.
You’ll need a special client or a friend to let you film this one. Pick a wacky backing track, and you’ve got comedy gold.

Injectables – Best for negative bias and negative potency

Yes, we Googled ‘what does it mean when you’re looking at something gross and can’t look away’, and negative bias and negative potency came up. We understand this doesn’t apply to everyone, but to many people, injectables and skin needling are a lot like pimple extraction – horrifying, but you have to keep looking.

CooLifting – Best for epic music backing

CooLifting is a gun that needs to be loaded, albeit with a co2 cartridge. So far, you have an action movie.
Then there’s the treatment itself. It’s fast, loud and… quite pleasant for the client. But, perhaps the most dramatic part of the CooLifting gun is that the subscription only costs $125 a week.
Search ‘action movie trailer music’ on Spotify, and you’ve got yourself a hit.

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