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Laser hair removal and training

March 6, 2014

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Training as a laser hair removal technician presents an exciting career move.

Laser hair removal technicians safely remove unwanted body hair permanently using laser and intense pulsed light (IPL) technology. Laser hair removal is a specialised area of beauty therapy and requires specific training and skillsets to remove hair safely and efficiently. Similar to cosmetologists and cosmetic surgeons, professional laser hair removal technicians work hard and take pride in improving each client’s self-image.

The role of a laser hair removal technician involves meeting with clients and understanding their specific hair removal needs. During the initial consultation, the technician must review skin type, ancestry, medication history and health habits to assess the safest and most effective settings for the laser device. The technician will then begin to apply the IPL or laser device over the client’s skin. For many clients new to laser hair removal the process may feel uncomfortable or they may be embarrassed and it is the technician’s job to put them at ease. This will involve managing any discomfort they may feel during the hair removal process.

In Australia, laser hair removal technicians are required to have certain certificates in order to operate laser hair removal technology. Many beauty colleges offer nationally recognized courses for laser hair removal and certificates such as the Vocational Graduate Certificate in Intense Pulsed Light and Laser Hair Reduction. During this course, students are trained in skin type analysis, as well as how to operate, design and apply laser hair removal systems on different types of skin and individuals. Generally, the student must already have a Diploma of Beauty Therapy or the equivalent relevant qualification to complete the certification.

As laser hair removal and IPL become increasingly popular, the demand for experienced laser hair removal technicians is growing. For beauticians looking to take that next step, training as a laser hair removal specialist could be an excellent and lucrative career move.

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