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Video Ideas Ideas for TikTok and Instagram

April 19, 2023

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Video content works. By offering your target audience a virtual window into your business, they can get an experience of your clinic, staff and treatments before they even know your address. But it’s not as simple as just ‘doing’ video content – you need ideas, time and a filming space that isn’t occupied by clients.

We can help with the first bit.

In this article, we’ll go over some different types of video content you can use to showcase your expertise and services.

Educational videos

An excellent way to demonstrate your knowledge and expertise, educational videos build instant credibility and rapport. You can create videos that show how to use certain beauty products, or explain the benefits of different types of treatments. ‘Hints and Tips’ videos are super popular because they offer solutions that clients can use at home. Aftercare videos are great because you can link to them in follow up texts or emails, adding instant additional value, while also helping your followers feel more informed about the services you offer.

Client testimonials

Client testimonials are a powerful tool for any clinic. When a client has had a great experience, ask them to share their thoughts in a short video. This can help potential clients see the results that are possible and build trust in your clinic. A great way to get this done effectively while adding value to your best clients is to hold an event in your clinic with drinks, nibbles and free treatments and film testimonials in a controlled and professional environment.

Behind-the-scenes videos

Behind-the-scenes videos showcase the hard work that goes into making your clinic run smoothly. You could film your staff preparing for a busy day, or show a treatment being carried out from start to finish. This can help give your followers a glimpse into the workings of your clinic and make them feel more connected to your business. Hot tip – don’t be afraid to be ‘real.’

Q&A sessions

Make a list of FAQ’s and answer them, either as a one-off video or as part of a series. You can encourage your followers to submit questions through social media then film yourself or one of your staff members answering them. This can help build trust and establish your clinic as a reliable source of information. If you’ve got a large enough following, you may want to do these sessions live.

Product reviews

Don’t forget your products! Show your audience how to use them, explain their benefits, and demonstrate the results they can achieve. Not only will this help your followers feel more confident in purchasing products from your clinic, it will also serve to enhance your relationship with your product supplier.

Social media is a powerful tool to connect with clients and showcase your services. By creating engaging video content, you can build trust and establish your clinic as a reliable source of information and expertise.

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