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What Else Can Your Tattoo Removal Laser Do? Expand Your Treatment Menu With Minimal Effort.

December 17, 2021

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Handpicking the right clinic equipment and getting the most utilisation from your investment is crucial. A healthy treatment menu can be easily achieved with a small number of innovative and diverse treatment platforms. This blog is dedicated to those out there who have a Q-switched or Picosecond laser and are interested in maximising their device utilisation and broadening their treatment menu.


Generally speaking, a Q-switched or Picosecond laser is commonly thought of as a tattoo removal device. However, if this is all you are using your platform for your device utilisation is sitting at about 20%.You are missing out on a phenomenal amount of revenue and potential value for your clients. So, depending on your device of course here is how you get the other 80% out of your device and make your investment achieve its fullest potential:


Carbon Facial

Carbon Facial, or China Doll Laser Facial, or Hollywood Peel whatever you want to call it, is all the rage at the moment and for good reason the results are incredible. This treatment requires a unique and theatrical technique which will dazzle your clients and elevate your treatment menu. A Carbon Facial involves the application of a liquid carbon based product which is applied to the skin, massaged into the pores and left on for 10 minutes to be absorbed. From here any heavy excess carbon product is wiped off and a pass with the laser on a longer pulse genesis mode is performed (only certain lasers such as the Helios III have this functionality). This step works to further settle the carbon into the pores where it will absorb any excess sebum and dirt. From here a second pass is performed to blast the carbon out of the pores and take with it the absorbed dirt and debris. The skin will be left feeling smoother, brighter and more radiant. Results will build with time and can have a significant beneficial impact on congested and acne prone skin.

Pigmentation Removal

Pigmentation is a widely experienced skin concern which often appears as a darkening of the skin. It can be triggered by many factors including hormones, sun exposure and genetics. We can divide pigmentation into two distinct categories, those being epidermal pigmentation and dermal pigmentation. Depending on your brand of laser and the wavelengths it produces you could potentially add the following treatments to your service menu.

  • Freckle Removal
  • Age Spot Removal
  • Seborrheic Keratosis Removal
  • Melasma Removal
  • Post Inflammatory Hyperpigmentation Removal
  • Horis Nevus and Ota Nevus Removal

Laser Genesis

Laser Genesis or a Laser Facial is a technique which involves several passes of your laser platform to bulk heat and rejuvenate the skin. It is able to plump skin from within and address concerns such as fine lines and wrinkles, enlarged pores and skin texture as well as dull and pigmented skin. Adding a laser based service to your rejuvenation packages is certainly going to increase your package diversity and add a level of sophistication to your services.


Hair Bleaching

Peach fuzz, we all have it and there aren’t too many ways to treat it. Traditional longer pulse laser hair removal devices aren’t able to successfully target these fine downy hairs. So other options such as dermaplaning or hair bleaching provide a useful solution to minimise the appearance of these unsightly hairs. Your Q-switched or Picosecond laser is another useful alternative which can offer hair bleaching. It can provide a form of non-permanent hair reduction which works to blanch hair and strip away its pigment. This leaves the hair translucent and invisible, with results lasting roughly 2 weeks.


Active Acne

Our Q-switched or Picosecond laser platforms also offer an effective treatment add on for our acne prone clients. Acne can be a very complex and difficult condition to treat and requires a gentle well thought out treatment plan. Your laser device could, depending on the brand, be used in the treatment of active acne as well as post acne redness. The laser energy works by killing P-acne bacteria, minimising excess oil production and exfoliating the skin to reduce congestions, all of which prevents acne breakouts. It also breaks down the pigmentation left behind by acne.

Nail Fungus

Another interesting use for your laser is actually the removal of nail fungi such as Melanonychia and Onychomycosis. The laser energy can be absorbed by the nail and work to vaporize the fungus while leaving the surrounding tissue unharmed.


So, make sure you pull out your device manuals and treatment guidelines to make sure you aren’t missing out on any hidden treatment treasures. If your device can’t offer up these services, then it might be time for an upgrade. Consider subscripting the Helios III which can provide all of the aforementioned treatments.

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