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What is a Laseraid Subscription?

January 24, 2023

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The Laseraid Subscription has changed how hundreds of Australian, New Zealand and UK clinics establish, run and grow their businesses. This unique offering, often called the ‘Clinic in a Box,’ gives business owners, regardless of the size of their clinic, the opportunity to access premium devices and lower their financial exposure.

The 3 Month Trial

Laseraid subscriptions often come with a 3-month trial (some specials and offers mean that this does not apply, please check with your Laseraid advisor) which gives clinic owners and managers a chance test a new device before committing to it. The trial works exactly as it sounds – a device is delivered to your clinic and you begin paying a subscription. If it doesn’t work out – perhaps the demographics in your area aren’t right or there’s too much competition – just let us know within the specified time and we’ll pick it up. This way, we share the risk and you can sleep better at night.

Servicing Support

Did you know Laseraid has one of the largest and most responsive servicing teams in Australia? There’s a reason for that – because we still own the devices in our client’s clinics, it’s crucial for us that they remain in excellent working order. Our service team is available 7 days a week (because there’s nothing worse than having a device stop working on a Saturday) and will solve most of your problems over the phone or on the first visit.

Marketing Support

Our marketing team meet with our clients when they start their subscription to analyse what they’re doing to attract clients now and to advise how they can do better (with our help if required) in the future. This support may take the form of social media design, advise on advertising spend or tips on offers to get people through the door. With more than three decades of experience, you can rest assured you’re getting quality insights.


Laseraid has an inhouse training team who are constantly upskilling themselves and others on the latest devices and treatments to help you stay on the cutting edge. Your team will be trained at the beginning of your subscription, if you change devices, if you feel you’re not getting the desired results, if you get a new team member…we’re here to help. Importantly, this is real, live training – not just online recordings. You can ask questions, follow up with emails and if you’re not sure about something you can make a phone call and address your concern.

Brand Name Devices

We partner with brand name manufacturers to offer the very best in devices and treatments. Global brands see Laseraid as partners in engaging with clinics of all sizes and giving options to businesses that would normally have their growth stifled by financial limitations. Our range is constantly growing and our goal is to always be watching the market for the newest, most innovative technologies.

Monthly Store Credit

Every month we give thousands of dollars worth of Laseraid store credit to our clients. This means that when you buy your supplies for the month you can apply your coupon code and get an instant and substantial discount. Every single month. It’s another way that the Laseraid Subscription truly is a ‘Clinic in a Box.’

To learn more, or for a no-pressure chat, click here or call 02 9011 5509.

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