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What Is the Best Laser Hair Removal Device For My Clinic

January 12, 2022

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How can you determine which laser you should get for your spa or clinic?*

Every clinic is at a different stage in its growth. Some of us have just recently opened and are trying to prove our concept; perhaps in an under, or over-serviced area. Others are established and looking to scale up, and then there are those looking to expand into new areas or perhaps offer new treatments.

Every purchase decision should begin with a business case-

How many treatments are you doing per week?
What is the current potential of the clinic?
What is the forecast payback from the new treatment?
Is there an appetite for the treatment, or does one need to be created, and do you have the resources and/or reputation to create that appetite?

Once these questions have been answered, you should be clear on the pros and cons of menu expansion, but also should be able to clearly define your clinic’s offering  and which problems you need to solve.

Importantly, there are a number of features that all (reputable) laser devices have in common. This is why effective research is crucial. For example, you may be told:

“Our laser is perfect if you’re looking to expand your treatment menu into pigment and vascular treatments”
All the lasers listed below care capable of switching spot sizes and performing pigment and vascular treatments. Also, there’s no need to change fibres on any of them.
“Our laser provides a comfortable and an ergonomic work environment for therapists”
There have been a plethora of ergonomic improvements over the last few years including innovations such as lighter handpieces and floating arms. Also, on all of these devices, the Zimmer hose attaches to the back of the handpiece eliminating the need for a Zimmer holder so the hose won’t sit over the therapist’s shoulders during treatment. Small changes make a big difference to the comfort of therapists.

Unique Features of Each Laser

Cynosure Elite IQ – Melanin Reader

This is one of those obvious features that should have been invented years ago. No more skin charts or skin types or guessing – the built in Skintel melanin reader does it for you.

Here’s how it works. The client comes into the clinic and you estimate their skin type. But have they been in the sun? They look like they sit in between a…

You know, the same conversation we all have in our heads.

Grab a test spot and the device will automatically define the correct parameters for the client.

Why Would You Care?

Ideal parameters means increased safety, and better treatment outcomes for clients. Simple as that.

Also, the Elite IQ is very good looking.


Lumenis Splendor X – Multiple Wavelengths (and a massive handpiece)

Or, more precisely, blended wavelengths. Lumenis calls the technology BlendX and it uses Nd:YAG (1064nm) and Alexandrite (755nm) simultaneously, targeting two different chromophores for better hair reduction results.

This means optimal treatment outcomes for clients across all skin types.

It also has a built in plume extractor and HEPA filter, which is another one of those really good ideas.

But, we think the spot size is the best feature. 27×27 mm makes for fast treatment times and the spot is square, so you can plan your treatment grid easily with less crossover.

Why Would You Care?

Better, faster and safer laser hair removal treatments. Brilliant.

Cynosure Elite+ – Simple & Less Servicing

Less moving parts means less servicing and less consumables. The Elite+ has built in gauges and a handpiece that doesn’t need changing (how many have you broken in the past?)

It’s also incredibly easy to use. Designed to offer a logical and minimal pathway to optimal settings and outcomes, the Elite+ has very few buttons and a menu so simple it’s ridiculous.

But it’s not just a watered down laser. 755nm and 1064nm wavelengths treat all skin types and a pulse durations of up to 300ms precisely matches the energy delivered in concert with thermal relaxation time.

Why Would You Care?

Less servicing and fewer handpiece breakages, combined with a highly adaptable and effective laser that is simple to use. Less costs, good outcomes.


Contact us to schedule a demonstration of these devices in our showroom or to book a call with one of our client advisors.

If you’re interested but are concerned about costs, Laseraid’s subscription model means you get the device, marketing, training, servicing and even a consumables credit included in a simple weekly fee. Contact us to learn more.

*Laseraid stocks Candela, Lumenis and Cynosure laser hair removal devices

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