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What To Do After Lip Fillers

September 24, 2020

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Before you get lip fillers, it’s important to plan out what you will do afterward. That’s not just immediately after the treatment, but also how will you minimise the impact of the treatment while allowing the enhanced outcomes?

Don’t worry, by following a few simple rules (and of course taking the advice of your clinician) you will quickly be on the road to recovery.

1.Heat Is the Enemy

Or, cold is your new best friend, whichever you feel more comfortable with. You’ll be told again and again that any exposure to heat within the first few days will increase the risk of unsightly bruising and (excessive) swelling. Do not exercise, stay out of the sun, turn on the air conditioning, and for goodness sake apply ice to the treated area.

2.Numb Areas Can Be Damaged

If you’ve ever been to the dentist and received a local anesthetic that numbs your face and then you’ve accidentally bitten your lip you will know what this means. Any impact on the treated area can cause excessive swelling and long-term damage to your face. Don’t bite, don’t play with it, don’t apply make-up, don’t jab at it. Also, don’t think you won’t be tempted.


For the first few hours after treatment, it’s better if you have nothing to do. Put on Netflix, distract yourself with a good book and take it easy. It’s been proven that immediate rest aids in the healing process, so doing nothing is better than doing something.

4.Consider Healing Treatments

To aid in recovery, focus on treatments that have a healing effect. Some clinics will offer LED facials as part of a follow-up. These are ideal because they don’t put off any heat, and may aid in reducing swelling, thereby maximising the outcome. After the first 48 hours, HIFU and other similar treatments can be considered, but take medical advice first.

After a short healing process, you’re going to look great. Expect swelling in the days following your treatment, and don’t be alarmed – the fillers will settle. If you are concerned, reach out to your clinic and ask for their opinion (trust us, they have seen it all before.)

Relax, take a small break from the world, and look forward to embracing your new look.

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