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What Will the Aesthetics Industry Look Like After Covid?

September 8, 2021

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Unfortunately the Laseraid time machine isn’t working at the moment, so this blog will include some speculation. In saying that, we’re pretty excited about that future of the industry, and can’t wait to see all your clinics re-opened. So let’s make some educated guesses as to what the beauty industry will look like in a few short weeks.


Hygienic, sparkling, smelling like hand sanitiser, however you want to describe it our clinics and teams will need to adhere to some strict health requirements. A constant wiping down of surfaces and sanitising is a bit of a no-brainer, and we can also expect QR codes with new functionality, lists of government regulations and boxes of face masks everywhere.


The treatments that used to languish down the bottom of our menus may become more popular. Sure, laser hair removal, fat freezing and the other usual suspects will be important, but luxury facials and anything to make clients feel pampered are likely to be in high demand.


Obviously. Make sure your scheduling system is robust.


Although maybe not immediately. There’s always plenty of clients to go around, and this will be multiplied tenfold upon re-opening, with everyone scrambling for appointments. But what about when things return to ‘normal’, or whatever normal looks like at the end of all this? Many clinic owners and managers have spent this time improving their marketing and creating promotions to not only profit from the return of the industry, but also benefit far into the future.


We’ve all been devastated by the number of clinics that have closed down during…whichever lockdown we’re up to. However…


…expect those smaller clinics to find new tenants – and quickly, as people recognise the opportunity is even bigger than before.


Forever. Politicians are talking about a permanent re-opening once vaccination rates reach certain percentages and want the economy to stay open. We hope that we can all plan for a reinvigorated and permanently re-opened industry.What Will the Aesthetics Industry

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