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Who Is Your Ideal Client (and How to Attract Them)

January 21, 2021

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Knowing your ideal client is not just a good way to create marketing campaigns that actually work, it’s also a sure-fire way to avoid spending money when you don’t need to.

Here’s why your ideal client matters, and how to define them.

You can’t be all things to all people

Ever seen a clinic with dozens of treatments where men and woman of all ages are clients?

Neither have I.

Focused treatment offerings are effective because…well you already know this. You’ve created a specific offering intuitively based on your knowledge of the local market and the people who frequent your clinic. You know that choosing a new treatment isn’t as simple as Googling ‘what beauty treatments are popular,’ and buying a device. Some treatments are popular globally and just don’t work in certain countries or regions. The reasons for this are sometimes obvious – climate, primary issues solved by the treatment – but just as often, the treatment just doesn’t strike a chord with the people in that area.

By knowing your ideal client, you avoid foolish mistakes, like starting a treatment program nobody wants.

Data is the only source of truth

When it comes to marketing campaigns, the trick is to target the right people and give them an offer you know they’ll want.

When it comes to expanding your clinic, the trick is to know exactly what treatments your clients want.

Simple! ….right?

Of course, bad information can be communicated as the solution to all your problems. We’ve all experienced the ‘expert’ business coach who can help us grow our clinic with 12 easy steps. We’ve all seen the latest and greatest treatment and thought it could be the pathway to making all our clients happy.

The difference is knowing, or at least having all the available information. By relating a decision to your ideal client and their needs, frustrations and desires, you can make educated business decisions based on tangibles, rather than emotional guessing.

You Already Know Them

Take some time to think about your best client. The one who refers all their friends to you and loves to spend time with you.

What do they come in for?

What to they love about your clinic?

What have they mentioned that they would love to see changed, or improved, or added to your treatment menu?

What do they get out of coming in (emotionally?)

What would stop them coming back?

What makes them happy/sad/delighted/frustrated?

Write it all down and then think about how you could improve that person’s experience, heck, maybe even get them involved in the whole process.

Define your ideal client, and move your business closer to their perfect interpretation of a clinic and you’ll delight them, and attract more people like them.

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