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September 14, 2021

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Opening a laser clinic or aesthetics business is a rewarding career choice and a proven investment. Your own due diligence will show the strength and and resilience of the industry, but this isn’t for everyone.

Those who succeed in our industry tend to focus on a primary treatment that is always in demand (we recommend laser hair removal) and then branch out into other treatments once the client base is secure. Successful models include laser and microdermabrasion, complemented by injectables. Clients come into the clinic for their usual treatment and become curious about injectables as something they’d potentially use but wouldn’t actively seek out. The same is true of fat freezing and teeth whitening.

Devices and Treatments

We always recommend start with laser hair removal. There’s no need to educate your local market as to what it is, and a large enough percentage of people already get some kind of in-clinic hair removal treatment, so it’s easier to capture new clients.

We stock Lumenis, Cynosure and Candela devices. All have their pros and cons and we love giving demonstrations (either in our offices or online). Enquire now for more information.

Once you’ve established your client base you can branch out into other treatments. Importantly, some treatments appear profitable due to the lower cost of a device or the lack of education to get started, but make sure you’re letting the market dictate your decisions. Ask your existing clients what treatments they’d love and then test out the theory.

We have a three month trial on many of our devices for exactly this purpose.


If you don’t have it, you’ll need to hire it. Luckily, there are plenty of highly qualified technicians looking for ‘that’ job. To attract them, think about how you could make their working life better. Remuneration is ¬†important, but the intangibles are the reason we LOVE jobs.

Consider flexible working arrangements, profit sharing, ownership opportunities, the chance to finish early (great for parents), subsidised training or learning opportunities, extra annual leave…


The best clinics are run by people who get involved in the local area. Like that barista that you know and trust, a clinic owner should be present, available and interested in what’s happening in the lives of those they seek to service.

Introduce yourself to locals in the area and tell them you’re thinking of opening a laser clinic. What treatments would they like to compliment laser hair removal? LED light therapy? Skin rejuvenation treatments? These type of conversations can also offer valuable intelligence about your competition.

When you open, have a special offer for locals and even have a ‘grand opening’, with champagne and demonstrations of treatments.

In the end, this is a people business. If you don’t love serving and caring for people, they’ll eventually find somewhere else to go. The other side of that coin is that if you’re looking at opening a clinic in an area and the owner isn’t giving people the love they deserve, it will be easier to capture market share quickly. Show people you care and really mean it. Demonstrate it by getting involved in the community, listen to their problems, diagnose their skin issues and build a sense of trust.

This is an amazing business and offers business and lifestyle opportunities. If you’re someone who loves people and getting amazing results, reach out to us to learn more.

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