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Your COVID-19 Re-opening Plan

October 6, 2021

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Well, it certainly isn’t our first time around the block when it comes to COVID lockdowns and clinic re-openings. But like before it is extremely important to prepare as much as possible before our doors become inundated with hordes of excitable hairy creatures looking to erase away months of hair growth and scrub away dull lacklustre skin for a revitalizing and well needed pick me up.

So where to start?

Well as always it is going to be important to remain legislatively cohesive with government requirements, so your best bet is to head to and make sure you have ticked off your:

  • COVID-19 Safety Plan requirements
  • The square meters rule
  • Face masks rules
  • Mandatory check-in

Yep, that means it’s back to decorating every nook and cranny on your clinic with QR codes, having your beautiful floors covered in polka dot patterns for social distancing and making sure you are protecting everyone that walks in your doors by wearing appropriate PPE and littering the clinic with hand sanitizer.

Don’t forget to stock up on clinic supplies…

Being absent from the clinic for months now means it’s time to start doing a bit of a stock take and clean up. Now is the time to get into the depths of your cupboards you forgot you had and take note of what supplies you have an abundance of and what you are missing. Be sure to get your orders in as soon as possible so you are entirely prepared to kick off on opening day.

Most importantly, make your clients feel safe and happy!

By taking all of these measures into account you can ensure that your clients will feel comfortable and secure in their visits to your clinic and will be back for more post COVID treatments to get their skin back on track. Now more than ever we need to be creating a relaxing comforting experience for our clients to help them bounce back from COVID isolation.


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