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Some of the world’s best devices, flexible and at your fingertips.

Stellar M22

A multifaceted IPL device for an extensive range of skin concerns from acne and rosacea to pigment, vascular and photo rejuvenation.

Helios III

Q switch laser suitable for carbon peel, uneven skin tone & texture, tattoo removal, pigmentation reduction, hair bleaching and lip rejuvenation.

Helios 785

World class Q-Switch laser with buildable treatments on all skin types.

Picolo Premium

This cutting-edge and compact device caters to all skin types with exceptional efficacy. Suitable for tattoo removal, pigmentation, fine lines, skin texture & scars.

Sylfirm X

Groundbreaking RF microneedling device. Targets wrinkles, texture, sun damage, skin rejuvenation, eyelids (world first 0.3mm tip), stretch marks, melasma, rosacea and redness.

OptiGlow LED

Perfect as an add-on or stand-alone solution for a range of indications, from anti-ageing to inflammation reduction.

CooLifting Gun

This cutting-edge device harnesses a powerful CO2 stream, infusing the skin with atomized anti-ageing ingredients at high pressure and low temperature.

Ultra Lift Hifu Evo

The game-changing, precisely controlled ultrasound energy that treats the face with three depth transducers to tighten and reduce fat cells.
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